The Rwanda Pinochle

Making dinner in the kitchen with T, who’s playing a bunch of music released this year so she can do her “best of the year” lists (and she hasn’t been keeping up since SXSW, so she’s catching up). I asked who one band was, and she said — I already forget the name— “you know, it’s one of those bands where it’s really one guy but he goes by a band name”.

I said, “I’m really starting to hate that whole thing. If I ever do that, just shoot me”.

“I’m not going to shoot you ever”.

“Okay, but if I ever say ‘hey, here’s my new album, I’m calling myself The Rwanda Pinochle’, just say, ‘no, you’re Ezra Ball’, OK?”

And it occurred to me that “rwanda pinochle” might be a Googlewhack– turns out it isn’t. Is that even possible anymore?

Sorry, Rwandans, if you got here expecting to meet up with other Rwandans for a friendly card game.