Lately the kid has been saying things like “Daddy, I want to go home!”

While we’re home. The only place he’s ever lived.

And he keeps saying this.

This makes me thinks of three things.

  1. First: They Might Be Giants: “Cowtown”:

    We yearn to swim for home
    But our only home is bone
    How sleepless is the egg
    Knowing that which throws the stone
    Foresees the bone, the bone
    Our only home is bone
    Our only home is bone

  2. Second: a haiku by Basho:

    Even in Kyoto –
    hearing the cuckoo’s cry –
    I long for Kyoto.

    (translated by Robert Hass)

  3. Third: Talking Heads, “This must be the place”:

    Is where I want to be
    But I guess I’m already there.