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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

So, everyone’s eulogizing Hunter S. Thompson, but I’ve never been able to understand what the fascination is. I’ve tried, but I think that somehow my demons don’t recognize much in his demons. I guess it’s not generally nice to say “what’s the big deal” when someone dies, but somehow from what I know about the guy, it seems like he’d appreciate a little piss and vinegar more than the universal fawning I’ve been reading.


Just a note on the snottiness of my last post: I wasn’t really suggesting that it’s common knowlege, even for Cantabridgians, that e.e. cummings wrote a novel called The Enormous Room, but I would think that if you were writing a review of a restaurant, you might inquire into the source of the name…


My favorite Borges quote is from The Book of Imaginary Beings:

We are ignorant of the meaning of the dragon in the same way that we are ignorant of the meaning of the universe; but there is something in the dragon’s image that fits man’s imagination, and this accounts for the dragon’s appearance in different places and periods.

Which is one of the points that this excellent article, “Why Is Religion Natural?” from the Skeptical Inquirer makes, though in far more words. It’s interesting, but it loses me in the middle in a bunch of folklore. I end up not knowing all that much more about why religion is natural— why exactly the dragon fits man’s imagination, how the dragon comes to be.