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Terri’s Globe fashion shoot

Look in tomorrow’s Boston Globe magazine for Terri’s picture!

We were walking down Newbury Street this afternoon. Terri was wearing some funky red and black striped socks and the pointy boots she saw in Prague and bought in Vienna. A woman came up to us and said “I’m not a stalker, I’m a fashion photographer for the Globe. I’m looking for people with funky socks. Can I take your picture?”

Rummy dream

rummy.jpgI just woke up from a dream that I was at a big, formal party which was supposed to be at a fancy restaurant/hotel on the 8th floor of the Prudential Center in Boston, but the building looked nothing like it. Donald Rumsfeld was there, and he was only about 4 feet tall– he was tiny. I thought, “He looks so tall on TV– this is really hysterical! This totally explains the Napoleanoic stuff.” He was making a big stink because the bar at the event didn’t have the scotch he likes. He stormed out, and came back later with two glasses of his scotch. I passed him in the hall and walking around the party a couple of times. The first time I couldn’t help but smirk because he was so short. The next time, he shot me a dirty look because I was smirking again, though I would have sworn he was actually getting smaller: more like half my height.


Just a note that I’ve updated some of our photos a little… I’ve added a few that should have gone up long ago and edited out a few that I’m sure no one will miss. More soon…


So, there’s been a large gap in updates. Things have been eventful in the real world. I can’t recall any one month period in my life where so many bad things have happened to so many people, some close, some just acquaintences. And to top it off, I haven’t had much chance to process it all because it was probably the worst month at work that I’ve ever gone through. Anyway, none of it is stuff that is really happening to me, so it’s not really mine to blog. Except for the work stuff, which I’m so sick of that I have no interest in wallowing in here.

I’m just very relieved that it’s March already.