Gary Hart on the U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century

Gary Hart in Salon: “I co-chaired a national security panel that warned the Bush administration the terrorists were coming. Why hasn’t the 9/11 commission called any of us to testify?”

Now, I don’t think the finger-pointing aspect of the 9/11 commission is productive: even if another president might have averted the 9/11 attack in particular, I don’t think that we could have kept the terrorists from hitting American soil forever.

But the commission has brought the subject into public discourse, which has unearthed a lot of interesting stuff, like this, and the Richard Clarke testimony. Stuff which will hopefully instructive in developing ways to balance security and liberty, and even in preventing or minimizing future attacks.

By the way, I think Gary Hart got screwed by the whole Monkey Business scandal in ’88, even though I was personally rooting for Paul Simon. Also, Deaniacs take note: Gary Hart had a blog first, and he actually wrote his own posts.

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