Sunny day in Chicago

Gerrtings from the lobby of the Marriott in Chicago.

I’m staying with Terri at the Parker House Hilton, where she is attending the Midwest Political Science Association conference for work, but the Marriott lobby has wireless, so I came here to write a post. This is where I stayed two weeks ago when in town for Doug’s bachelor party.

Terri and I went out for dinner with Doug and Tara last night, which was terrific, and went back to their apartment and met their 80lb pit bull Tycho, who is a big slobbering sweetie.

This morning Terri and I went out for breakfast at the Artists cafe across the street from the Art Institute; sort of a deli/diner kind of place. Terri went back to the Parker House to begin her day of conferring, and I walked north along the lake. It’s beautiful here: 75 degrees and sunny. I thought, gee, I should rent a bike. So I found out that there’s a bike rental place on Navy Pier, got a bike, rode it back and had lunch with Terri (sandwiches from Potbelly Sandwich Works which we ate in a garden at the Art Institute). She went back to resume conferring, and I resumed my bike ride.

I went south down the bike trail and stopped at the Adler Planetarium. I had little interest in going in; all the museums and tourist sites have been mobbed with buses and schoolbuses of field trippers, and there were indeed loud hordes in front of the planetarium. So I walked around to the backside (it’s sort of on a round semi-man-made place that juts out into Lake Michigan), and it was amazingly quiet. The water was a bright Carribean blue, and it was just silent, but for a very dim roar of the city which sounded really far off (downtown is probably 2 miles away, and the planetarium is probably at least a half mile in from Lake Shore Drive). All I could hear were waves and seagulls. It was very serene, and I sat there in the sun for a while.

After I got back on the bike, I went as far south as I could manage while trying to guage how long it would take me to return the bike (it was a 4 hour rental). I estimate that I made it about halfway to Hyde Park, so I am guessing that round trip, I went 11 or so miles, including a few tangents.

After I returned the bike, I headed here slowly, and ended up getting extremely hungry on the way, so I got a hot dog at Hot Diggity Dog, a little shack of a hot dog place on Ohio Street near the Marriott that I found here last time. Yummy. And now I’m here.

I see on the homepage of that it’s 46 degrees. Ha ha!

More soon.