New friendly bloggers

Turns out a couple of friends have been quietly blogging.

First, Doug, who is the mutual friend who introduced me & Terri, and in whose wedding party I wore a kilt, has a blog. Encourage him to post. It’s good for him.

Second, Cheri, whom Terri met a couple of jobs ago, and whom we see all too seldom since she moved to the West coast, has a great, great blog going at Parlancer.

Third, Jenn, a college friend, is blogging here, and I’ve gotta say, reading her blog pretty much approximates having a conversation with her, which is a Good Thing.

And actually there are some other people, but I don’t know if I should out them or not.

And, for what it’s worth, I’ve found most of them on Facebook. It seems like sometime in the last 6 months, absolutely everybody I have ever known (or am related to) in my whole life suddenly appeared on Facebook. I don’t love it, I don’t have any special objection to it (I am not a privacy nut, I crossed that bridge a long time ago), but it doesn’t make my eyes bleed like MySpace, and now that everybody I have ever known (or am related to) in my whole life is on it, it’s kind of interesting to keep superficial tabs on everybody. It’s kind of like using finger on the VAX back in the day to see what everybody is up to. Don’t take offense, though, if I don’t accept your invitation to the green patch where your zombie vampire hatchling plays scrabble with my good karma, it’s not personal, I just need to draw the line somewhere.