More from Summit Springs Farm

I honestly got too distracted with the new toy this evening to post a full update of the rest of the weekend goodness at Summit Springs. So, while I have few words, I do have some video.

John and Sonya’s tomatoes are first, awesome (we were lucky enough to come home with a pint of yellow cherry tomatoes that were sooo good), and second, under siege by tomato hornworms.

Tomato hornworm

So, here’s John capturing one in a plastic container:

The hens, however, enjoy the worms:

New toy is here!

So it turns out that my iPhone did come last week, it’s just been sitting in the
FedEx facility in South Boston. I’m typing this on the WordPress app from a train somewhere under Cambridge. Trying to get used to this keyboard… It’s very odd. I feel a little “Jane! Get me off this crazy thing” with all the typos I’m making.

Still, it beats the pants off the Treos were using at work, which we used mainly because they did ActiveSync with the Exchange server. Which the new new iPhones do. And they’re cheaper. And they aren’t going to make people miserable like the Treos did.

Sorry for the pointless commercial but this really is going to make my work life much better.