Weekend Update 25 Oct 2008

Mme Dubs had a baby shower today, and I spent my stag time doing work, listening to some of the mountains of vinyl that we got from Mme Dubs’s dad this summer, going to Taco Bell, doing some work (since I was so busy this week doing things that are Not Officially My Job at work that I didn’t get to do some things that are officially my job that I actually really needed and wanted to do), talking to my folks, and reading things I have written in various notebooks for the last two years.

Now Dubs is home and I’m trying to figure out where to hide while she watches the Penn State game at 8pm.

I spent a lot of the time on the phone with the parents today talking politics– and in the middle of the phone call they got robo-called by Hank Williams Jr. campaigning for McCain. Must be nice to be in a swing state– all we get are people begging us for money so that the Democrats can write big checks to the radio and television stations in the swing states.

Facebook still turns up people from my past who I never thought I’d hear from again, but who ended up doing amazing things with themselves. But there seem to be diminishing returns; I feel like for a while there, I was finding someone new every day, and now it’s about one or two every two weeks.

So maybe I’ll be blogging more.

Had a lovely dinner last night with various peeps, and I ran my Halloween costume idea past them and it seemed to go over well, so it is a go. Summervillain even lent me a fabulous orange jumpsuit that he had left over from two bands ago to make it happen. More on that next week…

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  1. boo! bethany here — dunno if it helps your outfit but either the Boston or the Cambridge freecycle list had a pair of prison sneakers I think in the 10.5 or 11 realm listed at some point in the last week (I think that was the realm because I considered whether my brother should have them, lol)….

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