Halloween 2008

We handed out treats to the neighborhood waifs on Friday night. Probably had 25 or so. In the lag times, we watched “Spririts of the Dead”, on TCM, which was 3 short films from 1967 based on 3 Poe stories, directed by Roger Vadim, Louis Malle, and Federico Fellini. Terri (kind of amazingly) liked the Vadim one. I liked the Fellini one, but the ending reminded me a little too gruesomely of a motorbike accident a junior high classmate was in.

On Saturday, we went to a party at some friends’ place in Arlington. They used to have this standing Halloween party, which went on a bit of a hiatus while they were preoccupied having kids and buying a house and the like. They started it up again this year, and suddely, all the same people who used to come to the party showed up again, except they all had offspring (except for a few holdouts like us). It was a little odd, but, the kids were pretty adorable, and Mme Dubs are pretty much kids ourselves.

So, here was the costume. I went as a Yuppie NASCAR driver:
Ezra in yuppie nascar suityuppie nascar suit, right sideyuppie nascar suit, left sideyuppie nascar suit, left arm

I whipped up the “Arugula Growers of America” logo in about 15 minutes yesterday morning. Their trandemarked tagline is “what the elite meet to eat!” The back got destroyed before I got a photo of it, but had logos for the New Yorker (including the dude with the top hat), Whole Foods, and repeated the logos for NPR, The Arugula Growers of America, and Starbucks. The right sleeve had logos for Design Within Reach and my token offering for the tobacco lobby, Nat Sherman.